Selling Youth Size Jordans, Down to trade for other jordans or a phone. Hmu!
First Row: 
Air Max 90 Infrareds size 2.5, $70
Concord 11s, size 3, $130 (got 2 pairs)
Space Jam 11s, size 2, $130
Cool Grey 11s, size 3, $100 (no box)

Second Row:
Cardinal 7s, size 2.5, $70 (No box)
Girls 13s, size 2, $75
Flints 13s, size 3, $70 (no box)
Bulls Dub Zeros, size 4, $70

Third Row:
White Jordans size 4, $50
Navy Blue Air Force, Size 4, $50
Black and Red Jordans size 4, $50
White Varsity Red 10s, size 5, $120 (No box)


I’ve been so inactive on this account haha

Christmas Sweaters <3

I hate how asian parents have too much high expectation.

I wasn’t born perfect…

I hate it when people starts demanding you to do something instead of asking politely. Go learn some manners

Who knew so much could change within a year. 

When people starts shit with you and gives the worst comeback,

Just shut up. You’re making yourself look like a fool. 

People at my school see me around

they never talked to me or anything

but they add me on fb

then the next day i see them and I try talking to them cos they added me on fb. 

They always act like I’m going to hurt them or something…. ): 

When I was passing out candy,

a boy thought I was wearing a costume when I was just wearing a t shirt and sweatpants. A girl thought my actual hair was a wig.

Yesterday was such a long day. I woke up at 5am thinking it was 8 to get ready for the FBLA fall leadership conference but i realized the time so i went back to sleep. Then i woke up again at 830 so i jumped out of bed and got ready fast LOL. I’m so glad they held the meeting at my school so I didn’t have to go far. The thing was alrighttt but on the bright side I met some new people (: I left the thing early so I could go to Ryan’s for his birthday and stayed at his house til 11pm.